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 Musical Stage Director/Arranger/Producer/ Creative Collaborator to producer Maurice Starr


Julian held the position as arranger/producer and stage musical director for the MCA developing artist (band) "We The People". During this period he worked as collaborator next to producer Maurice Starr  who is the creative founder of multi-platinum sellers "New Kids on the Block" as well as "New Edition". While taking on the creative responsibility to assure flawless live arrangements and performances, Julian doubled on guitars and keyboards and "We The People" continued to pack the worldwide famous "Roxy" (on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles) throughout their more than a dozen private and public presentations.



Musical Director/Arranger/Producer for the mega hit songwriter Gary Zekley's project under Russ Reagan's supervision.


Gary Zekley is the writer of the worldwide mega hit "Sooner or Later" for The Grass Roots as well as the hit single "Superman" for the platinum seller band R.E.M. On this new occasion Julian was asked to be the Musical Director for an exciting project under the supervision of Russ Reagan (Motown, UNI Records executive responsible for starting the careers of Elton John, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton John and The Beach Boys) who wrote in a personal letter to Mr. Zekley: "I can't ask for a better materialization of the work we envisioned, Julian's chops are unsurpassable.. I'm just delighted at how this is all turning out...."



Songwriter/Performer/Collaborator to Grammy Winner Producer David Foster during his partnership with Carol Bayer  as heads of their production company/talent scouting Los Angeles based company "Tonos".



Julian's                                                        was selected as part of the promotional radio campaign for the launching of talent scout company "Tonos". The task involved the writing of melody and lyrics to Grammy Winning producer David Foster's pre-existing/produced tracks during their search for a theme representative of the company's vision. His song "The Way Back to Your Heart" with his vocal performance was one of only two selected songs that made the final cut on the promotional radio spot.


Songwriter/Performer/Producer/A&R during the launching and structuring of Bernie Taupin's boutique Record Company.


Worked closely with Taupin's engineer Gary Starr (who also engineered Carly Simon, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Jean-Luc Ponty, Melissa Manchester) within the explorative and "outside the box" philosophy of creating a unique alternative label. Julian joined the challenge as writer, session multi-instrumentalist and producer of songs for the label's developing acts.









"Love Journeys" CD Reviews News on pr Mac

Writer/Arranger/Producer for  Award Winning Soprano Valerie Miller's number 6 hit single "Angels"


from the Karen Mitchell's album "Love Journeys" ,"Angels" was written and produced by Julian Costas reaching number 6 on the charts out of the 200 world's best and ahead of established artists such as Enya and Taj Mahal among others. (as published by 365.com and "New Age" Magazine)

Original idea creator/Producer for the characters' voices of the very successful iPhone applications "Imagine Poker" and "Dogs Playing Poker"


Fearnot Music Studios pitched the original idea and developed all the characters' voices for the very successful games "Imagine Poker" and "Dogs Playing Poker" that -combined- went on to sell 4 million copies worldwide.


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