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                                        1                                        National Academy of Songwriting (Today SGA) Award Winning Composer Julian Costas founded Fearnot Music back in the early 2000s. A few years and several projects later his efforts as an artist, writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist continued taking him to publishing deals that have placed his music not only in the top 10 of the charts worldwide but continuosly since, on several TV shows, films and independent records.

   Among some of his important contributions at the time was his 5 year long position as staff composer for Harmony Gold Productions in Los Angeles for which he wrote, produced and performed all original opening songs as well as scores for shows such as the television history making "Robotech" (which continues to enjoy an impressive fan following and sustained international success). Some of the other opening theme songs included the remaking of classics such as: Little Women, Frankenstein, Undersea Encounter, Call of The Wild, as well as musical cues for shows such as Harry and The Hendersons  ------>


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Los Angeles, California


  Soon to follow was the offer by then Capitol/A&M Records' attorney Ed Melik to a writing/production deal designed for the development of new talent of both local and international artists. Later on, this experience was the foundation for Fearnot Music/ Martini Blue Records' independently produced and chart topping hit single "Angels" that ended up reaching number 6 out of the 200 best worldwide, (365.com, New Age Voice Magazine) and which chart included such artists as Enya and long established group Taj Mahal among others.


    He's never looked back, his journey appears to have placed him on the path of performing, writing and producing material for Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and other genres. Julian believes his best contribution to an Industry now facing difficult challenges will continue to be that of him as an artist/singer/songwriter as well as an independent Producer /Hit Maker.


  Part of the experience as a producer comes from touring the LA circuit for 2 years when was hired as a music director/arranger playing guitars and keys for MCA signed and potential acts.


During this time, he routinely performed at the worldwide famous "Roxy" on Sunset Blvd. to a room filled to full capacity with scouters and record executives. This led to meeting and being a producer and musical director for the Russ Reagan and Gary Zekley's writing project partnership to create material for major solo acts during the late 90's (Zekley was the founder of the popular 70's band "Yellow Balloon" as well as writer of The Grassroots #1 hit "Sooner or Later" and REM's hit "Superman"). In sum, these writings and productions have been performed in all of the continental 48 states so far (Ascap source) and an estimated 80 FM stations around the world.  


    A UCLA graduate in Film Scoring as well as the Recording Arts and Sciences licensures, these are some of the films this NAS award winning composer has written title songs or Scores for:                                              

Bakno "Games for your Brains"


 "Harry and The Hendersons" (Paramount)

"Faith" (American Film Institute)

 Sovereign Pictures ID Logo.

"Robotech" (Sentinels) 85 Episodes (Distributed    Worldwide and by 4 U.S major networks)  


    In Gaming:                    

    We created the dog sounds for the top 10         iPhone app "Dogs Playing Poker"



      Pitched the idea and authored all the    character voices for : "Imaging Poker"


        We provided with the Music Logo for:



   Ad Music:  The Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, Nissan, Ihop, May Company, Ralph Supermarkets (Endless thanks to Alba Spanish Communications & Harmony Gold, who provided me with these opportunities. Last but not least Fearnot Music's 2nd engineers Jesse and Corey and of course.. my amazing wife Joanna)

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